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I agree with Phyllis Rose, another contributor to this book, who, writing about Montaigne, calledhim "the father of jazz." By this she meant that he was "the inventor of the verbal riff, the man whoelevated organic form over inherited structures and first made art by letting one thing lead toanother." That is, in my own experience, precisely how writing the personal essay works. Isometimes make notes recalling anecdotes, facts, oddities of one kind or another that I wish toinclude in an essay, but where precisely in the essay they will be used I cannot say in advance. Asfor a previous design or ultimate goal for my essays, before I write them I have neither. I wouldno more use an outline in writing a personal essay than I would take a thesaurus to a pro

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What exactly is a personal essay? How do I make what's personal to me universal to others? What's a complete, contained essay with a message versus overview? In Writing the Personal Essay, Tracy Ross will guide us in a discussion to answer these questions, while also listening to the starts of your essays and offering in-the-moment critique. Come if you feel you have some burning thought, idea, or feeling you want to say, and learn some key tools for how to say it.

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Thinking of applying to law school? Most law school experts — and those who’ve attended — will say that your personal statement is one of the most important components of your application. Before panic sets in about what to write, Nathan Fox, founder of , is here with a series of blog posts that provides a slightly humorous look at writing the personal essay. And let’s face it — anyone applying to law school can use some humor in their day!