How to Write a Good Response Essay

A response essay is meant to describe your side on whether you agree or disagree with a particular topic. Keep in mind that one sign of a poor writing is redundancy. So, as much as possible, be sure to restate your thoughts and opinion that you have already raised in some parts of your essay. But with these tips on how to write a response essay, you will surely not find it hard to do the writing.

Essay Tips: How to Write a Critical Response Essay

Usually students write a response essay like an evidence of reading a certain book, watching a film or visiting a cultural event. You can agree or disagree with an author’s viewpoint, it doesn’t influence your grade. Another name for a response essay is a reaction essay. This writing is called so for showing your own, specific, personal reaction to a particular subject. In the response essay you share your impressions after reading/watching a book/film. You should discuss your feelings with a readers, express your thoughts and don't be afraid someone could think that your viewpoint is wrong, there are no "right" or "wrong" points, that's why most of the students really like this writings. Here you can show the reader your inner world and thoughts, that sometimes is very hard to express in other types of essays. In most cases a reaction essay is written in the first person (when you use "I" for expressing your thoughts).

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