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You can find a test description for the CLEP exam in American or English Literature at the . The maximum working time for the entire test is 3 hours. This includes 90 minutes for the computer-based objective portion and 90 minutes for the UT Austin essay portion. You may begin the essay portion after you have completed the 90 minutes allowed for the objective portion; however, if you finish the essay before the end of 90 minutes, you may leave. The UT Austin Essay is explained below under "UT Austin Supplemental Items."

Neither the CLEP exam nor the UT Austin essay may be repeated within three months.

Off campus: The CLEP exam in either American or English Literature may be taken at an off-campus testing center; however, before your eligibility for E 316P credit can be determined, you must arrange to take the UT Austin essay portion of the examination, which is offered only on the UT Austin campus. An official copy of your CLEP scores for the American or English Literature Examination must be on file with Student Testing Services before you may take the UT Austin essay portion of the examination. You may make an appointment to take the UT Austin essay portion by registering for the entire test online; only the $20 registration fee will apply.

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Following up on our post with  and our, we wanted to offer our analysis of this season’s UT Austin MBA essays.