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The main problem for most candidates getting low performance in writing is they don`t get enough language input(high quality sample essays) and output. Besides, it is very important for you to practice writing the essays before you take the test. You should practice as many times as you can. You may know too well the reason why the given time is too short for you to complete the writing tasks, which is only because you need more practice but you simply don`t have the time. “TOEFL Essay Writing “ is trying to solve these problems.

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“TOEFL Essay Writing “ is a perfect tool for you to prepare your TOEFL writing test. Especially if you are very busy and have little opportunity to set aside enough time and sit down for practice because writing is very time consuming. With “TOEFL Essay Writing“, now you can prepare TOEFL Writing anytime anywhere on the go, it makes your every minute count.


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I have question regarding TOEFL ESSAY writing . I have given TOEFL test several tome to meet criteria for Pharmacy. Only problem is with my writing , i need 24 score, while i always get 22. I tried so hard and still trying. Please suggest me how i can improve my sscore.