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Siddhartha Essay

Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse is about a young Brahmin who wishes to leave his life of extravagance to find his true Self. On this journey, Siddhartha becomes a member of different groups or castes. Siddhartha learns many new things from being in these castes about finding Self and life in general. He learns many new things from teachings an teachers. He learns patience, how to pray and sacrifice to gods with the Brahmins. With the Samanas, Siddhartha learns how to escape the Self, to become whatever he pleases. He learned how to live amongst the people with Kamaswami. Siddhartha learns that not all teachings will please him and too much cleverness may not always be good from Gotama, also known as the Illustrious one. He learns that everything returns from the ferryman, Vasudeva. The river teaches Siddhartha how to listen. But, in the long run, Siddhartha finds out that the most important lesson he learned was taught by the most unlikely person. And that was the lesson of love, taught by a prostitute named Kamala.
Siddhartha was born into the Brahmin caste. The Brahmins were at the top of the caste system and are made up of priests. Siddhartha’s father taught him and other men how to become a priest. Siddhartha affianced in conversations and debates with the men, and had learned to meditate and pronounce Om silently. He was taught how to recognize Atman and be at one with the universe. Siddhartha was the envy of every young Brahmin, he made everybody happy. “But Siddhartha himself was not happy” (5). Siddhartha was not satiated with the teachings of the Brahmins, he wanted to learn more, and he was hungry for knowledge. So, Siddhartha left his luxurious life to learn something new from the Samanas.
Samanas were old, thin; starving men that Siddhartha had seen walk by his home once and a while. Siddhartha was now in a caste called the Untouchables. He went from the hig...

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Siddhartha essay

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