How to Find a Catchy Title for Your Paper/Essay

You may also need to examine the title of the essay to make sure that it is unique and catchy enough for readers to become interested in your essay. If you struggle with finding the right topic, you can read a few sample essay titles to get inspiration for your essay titles.

Note that, in the foregoing sample essay titles, each one has some key words or expressions

The topics for your essays may be as closely related or as diverse from one another as you wish, within the general fields of political thought and intellectual history. (Take a look at the list of sample essay titles under Appendix B to get a sense of the size, scope and range of essays submitted in the past). You should not use the same material to reach the same conclusions in two separate pieces of work, but you may use some of the same material as part of an overall argument designed to establish different conclusions. You may also use conclusions arrived at in an earlier piece of work as the premises of a new argument involving new material. (You may, if you wish, refer back specifically to a particular passage or passages in an earlier essay). You should bear in mind that continuity of subject matter may mean continuity of examiner, and therefore repetition of material is likely be detected. You should use your early meetings with your supervisor to discuss your plan of work and choice of subjects. Appendix B, ‘Some Resources for Students of Political Thought and Intellectual History’, may be of use to you in doing so.

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