Rotary Global Essay Competition (ROGEC)

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Rotary essay contest. Delaware Valley juniors Aiden Rubenstein earned frist place, Nicoletta Cuccio places second and Kayli Ziolkowski was honored in third place at a Rotary meeting on Feb. 25 at Balch’s resturant in Milford.

Service Above Self Rotary Essay M community service above self and what

The prize winning students of the annual Humble Rotary Essay contest were: ?First Place—Warren Dangerfield, Summer Creek High School, $1000; ?Second Place—Christine Olali, Summer Creek High School, $750; Two students tied for Third Place—Peyton Donnell, Summer Creek High School and Payton Attard, Summer Creek High School, both $500 respectively and ?Honorable Mention—Michael Hernandez, Summer Creek High School, $250.

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Below is a free excerpt of

If you are more interested in history than in Business issues, you can talk about the history of the club in the Rotary essay. In this case, your Rotary Club essay will aim to discuss:

What do you think about the quotation given at the very beginning of this article? Does it make an impression on you?

We included this quotation not just because we like it. It presents the main idea and purpose of Rotary Clubs, and you may consider it in your Rotary Club essay: to share a common interest in helping others.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a good Rotary Club essay about moral and ethical principles of Rotary Clubs.

Creating a brilliant Rotary Club essay: Step 1. Introduce Rotary Clubs to the reader

Remember, dry facts are never interesting to read. If you want to make an impressive Rotary Club essay, try to be original. For example, you may tell a short story that introduces the members of a particular Rotary Club as strong, kind, friendly, and sympathetic people.

Creating a brilliant Rotary Club essay: Step 2. Tell how Rotary Clubs work

The members of Rotary Clubs are always able to make a real contribution to the lives of others. When telling the reader how Rotary Clubs work, discuss the following programs: Rotary Club is an organization that aims to build ideal business service for people. This is the first thing you should know before you start writing a Rotary Club essay. Unfortunately, it is not enough to get an A+ on your Rotary Club essay. That is why below we will give you more information and ideas for discussion in Rotary Club essays.

How can you start writing the Rotary Club essay?

Choose a perspective from which to consider Rotary Club. Here are possible ideas to discuss in your Rotary Club essay: