what is the main purpose of a persuasive essay

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to express your position about some issue, give the arguments that support your statement and convince the reader that your viewpoint is stronger than others.

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Body paragraphs of a persuasive essay ought to start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence of each paragraph ought to be unique and specify the contents of the paragraph. Each of the three paragraphs should have concrete evidence to support the writer’s ideas. In order for the essay to receive high marks, it is a must of the writer to provide enough evidence supporting each of the three body paragraphs. The writer should also oppose or refute each point that might tend to build a strong opposing case. This simply means that once a reader tries to make an opposing argument, the essay should have some sentences refuting such opposing arguments. Always remember that the main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader on what you believe in. Readability is another main issue that the writer ought to consider. This means there must be smooth transitions connecting each paragraph with the other. Such connection creates a strong momentum of the essay where the reader manages to understand each and every point clearly.

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The persuasive essay can actually be an enjoyable experience, if you have a topic about which you feel strongly. Before you “put pen to paper,” however, you need to understand the purpose of a persuasive essay and how you construct one that is effective and compelling.