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This is something that you will learn over and over from elementary onwards with slight modifications depending on the level that you are writing at. Always work from an outline and lay your essay out before you begin writing. This will make it much easier to follow the proper essay structure and double check that you haven’t meant any main points. Just to review the outline of a simple 5 paragraph essay should look like this: Introduction with thesis statement, 3 body paragraph with at least 3 pieces of evidence that support the thesis, and a conclusion that reflects on the original introduction remarks. Follow this format and you will never fail.

Proper Essay Writing Structure proper essay writing structure

It has always been believed that the best way to learn is to follow the example and practice. This is relevant for learning the proper essay structure as well. While you may be good with theory, understanding the way it works in practice is difficult. In such a case using online examples is a good option.

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Understand proper essay structure. An essay has three basic sections including an introduction, body and conclusion.

Writing a college essay is not easy, and colleges will be very strict with their rules and their grading. Without knowing the rules to writing a proper college level essay, there is very little chance of graduating. Advanced writing will teach you the fundamentals of the college essay including an accurate thesis statement, proper essay structure, supporting information, topic focus, and citation rules.