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Pratt s essay opens in speaking about her son s admiration for collecting and trading baseball cards. She emphasizes how her son s entertaining and simple hobby gave him the opportunity to learn so many of life s lessons. For example, trading the cards gave him a sense of fairness and trust. He learned about exchange and arithmetic, and patterns and order by arranging the cards.

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When first reading Mary Louise Pratt s essay, Arts of the Contact Zone, one may feel overwhelmed by the level of writing and philosophy it is composed of. ...

Arts Of The Contact Zone By Pratt Essay

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In conclusion, it was evident that Mary Louise Pratt s essay, Arts of the Contact Zone, introduces us to a phrase and possible a situation that we may encounter, but be unfamiliar with. A contact zone is a place where cultures, ideas and views meet, which can be a positive or negative encounter. Whatever it may be, it is a chance to contrast will preexisting ideas or opinions of a person of a group of people about language, communication and culture. A person to challenge a belief system could use an autoethographic text. Through transculturation, using the text and belief system of the dominant group, can make a profounder effect on the reader, however, the text will be interpreted differently by people in different positions in the contact zone. Often times, one may experience rage and discomfort, and other times one may experience revelation and mutual understanding. Finally, when a person s beliefs and values are challenged, they have a tendency to return to a safe house, where they are accepted and validated. This is the basic working of the contact zone.