Brown's PLME essays -- neurology and science

lol jk, I already sent my PLME essays in yesterday since I'm applying ED, so just PM it...I wanna see what other PLME applicants wrote about to see if mine was original

I am in need of revision for Brown's PLME essay

I know that the open-ended essay can be creative, random, etc...which I believe mine is, but my PLME essays aren't creative at all. They're simply straightforward and honest--will that be held against me? I don't feel like there's anything original I can say about what a physician can be. Does anyone have experience with this--ideally a PLME student?

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Prestige Obsessed: Another PLME essay

Having difficulty finding PLME essay questions on the Common Application? The folks at Common App have told the Brown Admission Office that students who have been experiencing difficulty have been using unsupported browsers. The list of CA supported browsers is below. Though the list includes Internet Explorer 9, they have found it to be buggy and recommend using either IE 10 or a different browser all together.