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A peer pressure essay should be written by school children to better understand the effects of influence. They often succumb to impulsive behavior initiated by the more popular students without understanding why they give into their demands. Children wish they could be more popular in school. They watch some becoming leaders quite naturally. Other students look up to them whenever they face a situation which requires an immediate decision to be made. They are ready to face the consequences of their actions and would willingly conceal the fact that they were influenced to do so.

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Teenagers are most vulnerable to peer pressure. In high school and college, it is almost mandatory that students are popular. This is the time young boys and girls learn to experiment with their sexual feelings. A peer pressure essay should highlight the fact that most boys would try daredevil acts to win over their girlfriends. It allows them to be part of the group that is most popular with the girls. Similarly, girls would dress their best to attract boys. The chemistry at work is so forceful that students would find it very difficult not to succumb to the pressure. Strange things have been known to happen. A low-profile, bespeckled student may turn up looking like a film star just to make a statement.