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Nurses are fundamental to the medical community, but the path to a successful nursing career is paved with difficulties. The first, most challenging obstacle is academic. Future nurses typically undergo a long period of training, lecturing and learning that includes dozens of nurse essays. These nursing essays are not only hard to write and suited to a wide variety of topics, but they can make or break a nursing career! Nursing application essays are especially important; they decide whether or not a hopeful student will even get a chance to achieve their dream!

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Your nursing school application essay need to be written in a way that engages the reader, this does not mean telling the reader a horror story about blood and guts to gain their attention as some suggest. Obvious attempts to manipulate the reader are very much likely to backfire. Write clearly and write well to show your personal passion for nursing and how you developed that passion. Avoid any form of cliché and do not mention things that are obvious, they already know for instance that you are going to learn a lot from attending their college!

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Applying to nursing college is never easy, you will have many others competing with you over the small number of available places and you will have to work hard to ensure that you get selected over them. The problem is that it is likely that many of those other applicants will have very similar qualifications and grades to you or perhaps even better; so how do you get selected over them? The answer lies within your nursing application essay or nursing application personal statement.