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At first meeting Shylock’s character appears to be that of a straightforward villain out for revenge and money; but a deeper analysis points to the fact that the master playwright Shakespeare was actually showing the audience that this Jewish stereotype could very well have been created by racist attacks against Jews and that his complex character was really the result of the suppressed anger that he was feeling due to suffering in the past. So is Shylock really a bully or a victim? Shakespeare does not really answer the above question but does give some important clues that are both for and against the complex character of Shylock. A Merchant of Venice essay should offer a deeper analysis of characters like Shylock.

Portia’s father had sought a promise from her that she would marry the one who chose the right casket from among three kept as a test to check a suitor’s intentions. The three caskets made of gold, silver, and lead respectively. Several noblemen including a Neapolitan prince, and a Frenchman arrive but decide against taking the test. Portia is very happy, as she does not like any of them. But then she hears that the Prince of Morocco is arriving to try his luck. The Merchant of Venice essay must highlight the fact that she does not like him because he is black. The Prince chooses the golden casket which does not contain her picture. Unlike a , the review should mention the fact that Portia is not willing to go against her father’s wishes.

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