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MBA programs ask you to write essays so that they can gain an understanding of who you are in ways that cannot be gleaned from your transcripts, test scores, resume, or letters of recommendation. Your essays are your emissaries and represent you directly whereas other aspects of the application package, while important, only represent you indirectly. Because the MBA application process is highly competitive, the quality of applicants is going to be substantially higher than you may remember from your college applications. This is why it's especially important that your essays are as strong as they can be.

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Your MBA application essay must show that you have the motivation, dedication, and vision to succeed. You need to highlight your accomplishments, your reasons for seeking an MBA, and your plans for the future. In doing all of these things, it’s also vital that you avoid sounding clichéd or formulaic. Remember, the people who read these essays go through hundreds or thousands every year; you don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

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With the word-limit going down for most MBA application essays, applicants have to be judicious with the use of words. The acceptance rate of top schools is in the 5-8% range. Applicants cannot rely on the general advice that experts offer, and stand out from the competition. They have to find strategies to be more persuasive.