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Monday: Final group meeting on LOTF essay. Print and turn in. We will read Act 1, Scene 3 and discuss Act 1 as the exposition of the play. Choose one or two words that in your mind explain what is important in Act 1. Homework: 2nd period:finish reading Scene 3. In your notes, write down five things that happen in the scene. Look over the list of words to get some ideas for tomorrow, but you do not need to write anything down yet.

Organizing Quotes/Notes for the LOTF Violence Essay

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1) Final Draft LOTF Essay Friday 2/19

Final Draft LOTF essay

Tuesday: After a short citation warm-up I’ll be distributing the prompt for our LotF essay on Tuesday and we’ll begin to work on our outlines. I’ll also be posting an outline sheet that we can fill out during class. The prompt is relatively simple: Do you believe that William Golding was right in his assessment of human nature?