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Some general subjects related to history in which you can write the argumentative history essay can be, to write the essay as a moral argument, in which you can select the topic such as effect of European colonization of the Americas. Another kind of essay would be philosophical argument, in which the topics like writing historical narrative which is truly objective. Or you can choose argument of historical importance... the topics in this category can be, development in the history of medicine. In argument about an ongoing controversy category, you can write about the topics like civil rights. Select the argumentative history essay topics in which you can write well.

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Essay writing is always an exciting thing to me expect this time. So far I didn't have any trouble in writing those because my teachers were giving a specific topic to write on. But this time they left the topic selection job to us. So I am finding this task as bit difficult. So please someone suggest me some good argumentative history essay topics. And also need some tips to write argumentative essay as I am doing it for the first time.

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History essay topics are one of the hardest to think of. Most of the time, there are just teachers who will assign the students to write an essay, but no specific topic is assigned. Although this may seem like the easiest assignment for some as they can write about anything they want, it can be a difficult decision to make as well especially if it is for the main final paper.