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Has your child completed the Student Writing Intensive program from Institute for Excellence in Writing, and now you wonder just what to have them do next? That's the situation my high school student faced recently. There are a few options, of course. You could use a theme-based program, such as the Life Science-Based or the U.S. History-Based, Vol. 2. There are options to work on essays with The Elegant Essay or High School Essay Intensive. If your child learned well with the DVD-based instruction provided by Andrew Pudewa, you will definitely want to consider the appropriate Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course (SICC).

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Wednesday, August 3 – Student Workshops
Thursday, August 4 – High School Essay Intensive
Friday-Saturday, August 5-6 – Chicago Homeschool Expo (CHE), Andrew Pudewa, Featured Speaker
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Presented by IEW’s humorous and engaging director and master teacher Andrew Pudewa, the High School Essay Intensive class provides immediate experience and inside tips toward high school essay writing, including