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?Great Expectations Essay Topic: Why is GreatExpectations called Great Expectations? JenniferShupak There is an old clich'e that cautionsreaders not to "judge a book by its cover", butrather, by its contents. While this piece ofadvice may indeed be true, one could ask if thesame is true of judging a book by its title. Thetitle of a book is in many ways indicative, notonly of its contents, but perhaps more important,of its author's message. A title serves to inspirethe reader's interest, while at the same time, toconvey its central theme. Charles Dickens'decision to entitle, what has become his mostfamous and celebrated work, Great Expectations,was a wise one, for it continues to communicatethe book's powerful and relevant theme, over acentury after it was first published. The book'stitle, Great Expectations, expresses the centraltheme of the novel, which is that of itscharacters' grand and often misguided expectationsof what will deliver the "happy life".

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