A graphic essay uses text and images to explore a specific topic

Skin color bias affects perceptions and interactions, and yet, how often do educators discuss this phenomenon with their students? This toolkit for offers suggestions on how educators can broach the topic by using a graphic essay published in

: A graphic essay, collaboration with the artist Krista Dragomer, in Trip City.

A graphic essay is defined as a visual project that combines color, symbol and words to make a unified statement. The aim of this project is to help you synthesize and organize many details from the text, connecting them and making sense of them.

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: A graphic essay in collaboration with the artist Krista Dragomer, published in Killing the Buddha.

In this particular graphic essay, you will demonstrate your understanding of a major theme within the novel, backing up your knowledge with examples from the text.

On the back of your graphic essay, include a generalization about life or about people
that Shakespeare develops through the action and quotations that you have used
to explore your thesis or defend your position. A graphic essay uses text and images to explore a specific topic. Graphic essays often look like graphic novels, magazines, or artist books, but like theory comix they generally convey non-fictional histories, cases, and/or arguments. Graphic essays can make content more accessible to new audiences or highlight unappreciated visual aspects of a topic.For this project, you will create a graphic essay that provides a visual analysis – using symbols, images, colors and text – of one theme from your novel.