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Teachers can assign essays in either instructional mode or in testing mode. In the instructional mode, the Glencoe Online Essay Grader Tutor and section hints help improve student writing. In testing mode, students do not have access to the various writing tools. Regardless of the assignment mode, teachers can run various benchmarking reports that track student and class progress over time and allow teachers to effectively target assignments and instruction. Finally, essays can be scored on either a four, five, or six point scoring scale to match your state assessment.

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The Glencoe Online Essay Grader does more than save you time, it offers valuable online instruction and reporting tools to track and improve student writing and assessment performance. In addition to providing holistic and six trait numerical and narrative feedback, the Glencoe Online Essay Grader provides valuable tools to improve student writing. To assist students with the writing process, we offer essay-specific section hints, a spell-checker, a thesaurus, and graphic organizers. The Tutor function provides individualized feedback by section and by sentence and suggestions for improving grammar and mechanics. Students can also view student model essays for each writing mode, and click on a fully annotated interactive model essay for further writing instruction. Teachers can also provide additional instruction to students in the Teacher Comments section.Glencoe Online Essay Grader powered by Bookette SkillwriterSM is an. students a learning environment in which to practice and improve their writing skills.SkillWriterSM, an Internet-based application developed by Bookette Software, evaluates essays submitted to Glencoe Online Essay Grader. Founded in 1990, Bookette Software is an educational assessment software development company with headquarters in Monterey, California. Bookette specializes in developing scaleable software to build, administer, score and report on-going assessments for schools, districts, states, and worldwide education systems.