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It is known from experimental studies that phobias can develop through classical conditioning. These irrational fears can be eliminated and cured through classical conditioning methods. Fear emotions can be rectified by the following techniques: (i) counter-conditioning process, (ii) desensitization process, and (iii) exposure to fearless models.

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Most students seem to fear writing essays regardless their enrollment in an elementary school, a high school, a college, or university. Writing an essay is usually the subject of procrastination. Some say that the reason why students procrastinate when they have to do this is because they do not know how to write an essay. Is it really because they do not know how to write an essay? Or are there other reasons for this fear?

Most children start to write essays in the higher grades of elementary school. Some teachers explain how to go about writing an essay really well and those students who do great in school grab the concept fast and they got it made. Students in that age group have often a very hard time sitting still and listening to their teacher. Because of cuts in the budget many teachers have now 25 or even more students in grades 5 and 6. If the class is rowdy, even good kids who sit in the back row might not hear everything that is going on and do not start to understand the concept. Teachers are so busy that they do not get to making sure that every child in class knows how to write an essay.

Children write their essay and very often it touches an aspect of their own life. They write all they know hoping the teacher will give them a good grade. When they hand in the essay they often do not realize that the teacher might use their work to read it to the class. Even worse is when the teacher wants the student to read his essay out loud. What was meant to be just a good essay for a good grade all of a sudden felt like his privacy was invaded. When this happens once to a child or when a child realizes that something like that could happen to them too it will affect their future essay writing. All through their schooling, even when they are in college, this will make them very anxious and they will do whatever it takes to avoid . They will no longer write their essay with their heart and soul because they want to prevent that their private life is exposed. They quality of their essays goes down because of the missing finishing touch.

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Fear of Success: Elite athletes and sports psychologists talk a lot about fear of success. When I was a serious, but never elite, athlete, I wrongly regarded fear of success as a garbage idea, as total bunk. Why would anyone fear success? Wasn’t winning the whole point? Why compete if you didn’t hunger, nay, starve, to win, and win everything? Because we sometimes fear what is to follow. What will you do next when the major project is done? Will you lose your hunger and drive? Or, worst of all, what if the thing that you’re striving for, that you have convinced yourself will be the overflowing cup of happiness, does not, in fact, make you happy? The people who are drawn to academe are often competitive by nature, perhaps most especially with themselves. A major writing task can sometimes become progressively more difficult as we approach its completion. Fear of success is a fear of entering into the next big phase of our professional lives, and of the unknown. Because we sometimes pin disproportionate expectations of relief and happiness and success on a major writing project, we may fear completing the project, for fear that those positive feelings will not deliver themselves to us when the project wraps.