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So what I've been doing for the past month is jotting down little disconnected paragraphs in a folder called "Faith Essay". And as I clutch my head over my inability to write a coherent first draft, I remember that this is how I always do it. I write down random bits for a few weeks or a month or however long I have, and eventually I read it over and realize what I'm trying to say. And then I struggle through a truly awful first draft trying to put everything together. Eventually I have an essay.

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Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Whitworth. We recognize that prospective faculty who are not well acquainted with Christian higher education may find it difficult to contemplate writing an . We ask you to write such an essay because when we hire new faculty we expect that they be able to articulate a clear Christian commitment, but we do not ask faculty to sign a doctrinal statement. To do so would limit the rich mix of denominational and theological diversity that Whitworth has enjoyed since its founding. We see Whitworth as one of the relatively few remaining higher education institutions where protestant mainliners, evangelicals, Anabaptists, Catholics, and Orthodox faculty can engage one another on the widest variety of important intellectual and social issues. I'd like to tell you a bit more about Whitworth and refer you to several resources on our website that describe Whitworth's mission and identity more fully. These may help you to write the personal faith essay for our application.

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