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Scholarly, creative, and inventive essays are welcome. Essays that work within and transgress disciplinary boundaries as well as essays that connect the North American South with its porous historic geography are also welcome. We encourage work that engages entanglement and diaspora. We also welcome papers that do not necessarily engage Yaeger but that traffic in the theme of dirt and desire more broadly. In Fall of 2015, we’ll go “deep”; in the Spring of 2016, we’ll go to dirt and desire.

 has a nice selection of 12 sample essays that work. Hee is an with more essays.

If you are a high school senior who is applying to college early and you haven’t yet started to write your application essay(s)… start today. Even if your first deadline isn’t until January, it makes sense to begin the process of producing your essay sooner rather than later. I’ve advised more than 250 high school students on their college application essays over the past 15 years and during that time I’ve developed a blueprint for what makes a good (and not so good) application essay. So as you write, or as you reflect on what you have already written, consider the following qualities of college application essays that work:

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3c) Essays that worked from .

My goal is to create essays that work at more than one level. Some short essays work for me at the level of the intellect – they’re cool and clever – but I want to read essays that work not only at the level of the intellect, but at the levels of the heart and soul as well.