Mike reviews Cannot Stay: Essays on Travel by Kevin Oderman.

A great many of you have heard of the author Michael Crichton. He wrote & a great many other bestsellers. I haven’t read a single one of them but I am going to recommend a non-fiction book written by him. The title is very simple: Travels. It is a series of related essays on travel -- external travel & internal travel. I cannot recommend the book highly enough. It is the best book I’ve read in the last thirty years.

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Her fourth essay collection, , may be too compendious, unfocused, a catch-all for her vagrant interests. Even so, it has remarkable pieces in it: the essays on Machado de Assis, Roland Barthes, and Robert Walser; the personal essays on travel; and her pieces on the choreographers George Balanchine, Merce Cunningham, and Lucinda Childs. Sontag wrote beautifully and knowledgeably about dance, which for her was a utopia of order and rapture, adhering to the highest standards of perfection, the consummate expression of her longing for “transparency.” Overall, the overstuffed is much underrated. Perhaps because she had already made such a point of wanting to be considered a novelist, the literary world took her too much at her word.