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In all, he gave over 1,500 public lectures and wrote dozens of essays on individuality, freedom, and the ability of people to accomplish anything.

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took the lead in developing the right of subjects to rebel against secular authority. While Calvin was supreme in Geneva, his followers were forced to rebel in France, the Netherland and Scotland. William M. McGovern, "Collectivism and Individualism," ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUALITY 245 (Felix Morley Ed. 1958). In England the Calvinists strongly influenced the Puritans who rebelled against Charles I. Initially the orthodox Puritans wanted to get rid of the bishops, curb the king and Calvinize the national church: "But Cromwell and many of his fellow soldiers went beyond orthodox Calvinism in their views regarding the church. Instead of a national church, they wanted a free association of local churches and claimed that within limits each church should be allowed to formulate its own doctrines. This helped to popularize the belief that it was a duty to rebel against any government which attempted to interfere with ideas, or with actions based upon the individual's conscientious sense of what was right or wrong. This doctrine received its most eloquent expression in the Areopagitica of John Milton, at one time Cromwell's Latin Secretary. In this essay Milton argued convincingly not only for freedom of thought and expression, but also for freedom of moral action -- the right of each man to do as he pleases so long as he does not injure his neighbors." Id. at 245-246. In a sense the separation of church and state also represents competition between church and state. So long as religion and state advocates competed, the concept of individual survived.

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Essays on individuality.

As the project was developing, U2 frontman Bono launched his (PRODUCT)RED brand—the aim of which is to help raise awareness and funds to help eliminate AIDS in Africa—and Gap signed on immediately. Melcher Media’s work with Gap began to take on a new shape, and we shifted focus to begin integrating the book-in-progress with Gap’s (RED) product line. Individuals is a collection of hundreds of beautiful portraits—along with celebrity essays on individuality—that serves as a powerful record of Gap’s impact on the culture of our time. The book was bound with six different cloth covers, all coordinated with the color palette of the (RED) product line, with each edition featuring a different celebrity. The book was packaged with an exclusive CD containing songs used in or produced for Gap television commercials, and it was displayed with (PRODUCT)RED merchandise in sections of Gap stores designed specifically for the book.