Innovative Titles for Essays on Freedom

It takes discipline, foresight and research to come up with a good easy. The complexity and diversity of religion presents numerous topics to write about. The wave of human rights opens new and broader perspectives for exploration through writing. How do you then craft a compelling essay on freedom of religion?

(Essay on Free Will, 1983, p.16)

For an essay on freedom, students should stick with writing about one of the amendments. Most essays are too short to really cover the entirety of single amendment. If the freedom essay is longer than average, it may be possible to cover more than one amendment.

Free example essay on Freedom: Has your freedom ever been threatened


This LibGuide draws together resources to supportstudents who are taking a section of General Studies Writing 1120 that willfocus its first two assigned essays on freedom of speech issues related toschools and college campuses. Theremaining essays and presentation will be on a topic that the students willchoose.