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This is another very popular choice for an essay on dreams. This essay is based on the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ which stars Kevin Costner. The point of the movie is to show that your most amazing dreams can become a reality as long as you really believe in them. When writing an essay on this topic, you can discuss the story in detail or you can simply use the movie taglines to get started on your essay writing.

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Writing an essay on dreams can be a lot of fun and can also teach you a lot about your own self. till you find one that excites you and then begin your essay. If you find it difficult to find a suitable topic, you could .

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“Kelly Bulkeley offers us a series of essays on dreams and dreaming through a multiperspectival lens of several contemporary psychological and textual approaches used in religious studies….Self-contained chapters on dreams and conversion, neurophysiological models for understanding the religious meaning of dreams, dreams as play, and dreams and environmental ethics–to name just some of the thirteen topics addressed–awakened me to the many ways in which dreams deepen understanding of religion and connect us thoughtfully to issues of personal and political significance….Bulkeley is a prolific writer on dreams and religion from a psychological perspective. In this latest work beneath his erudite conversational informality lies not only a deep passtionate conviction about the contribution dreams make to human life and a human religion but a deep concern for a culture or a nation that has a perverted relationship to its dreams.”
— Chris Ross, Journal of the American Academy of Religion