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APD(19H): Academic Professional Development is a paper that is all about developing/improving professionalism and academic writing and reading. I for one never learnt how to APA reference at high school, but to my surprise Referencing is an essential part of Uni life and this is one thing that this paper has taught me how to do. From writing essays about health related topics, making perfectly formatted CV’s, and going on placements in really awesome health related places. I can say that although it may appear a paper that doesn’t really have much use, it really is anything but.

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Argumentative essays about health can include issues regarding patient care and the proposed government health care system. In topics about patient care, essays can focus on arguing for or against topics such as physician assisted suicide, birth selection, stem cell research and abortion. Topics about the proposed government run health care system can argue how it will overload out the current system, cause a doctor shortage and put the country in further debt, or, to the contrary, writers can also argue how the system can handle the influx patients, increase the number of quality medical personnel and save the country money in the long run. To make an argumentative essay about health more engaging, writers can also introduce religious and ethical arguments.

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