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1. How much effort has America put in towards checking global warming?
2. Global warming and its aftermaths from a geographical point of view.
3. The role of media in spreading awareness about global warming and its efficacy.
4. The sectors which suffer the worst effects of global warming.
5. Direct effects of global warming on human beings and their behavioral pattern.
6. How the sea and the life cycle within suffers from global warming.
7. How do developed nations contribute to global warming?
8. The effects of global warming on the economy of a developed / developing nation.

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There certainly may be some truth to what you suggest. It’s something I’ve pondered at least a little bit. Unfortunately, there’s all that pesky data and multiple facts which keep cropping up and getting in the way. You know, things like all the data Guy presented above and in numerous other essays about global warming. There’s the fact that 1,000,000,000 humans are not getting enough food now and yet we continue to add the equivalent population of the U.S. every two years. There’s the fact that we live on a finite planet which is reaching its limits in every way, yet every facet of our society is dependent on infinite growth. I could go on . . .