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This topic is little complex that evokes strong emotions in most people. Quality research papers see through the passion and prejudice to establish a clear focus and defensible facts. A bland title could turn a reader away from your essay about death. The direction your title will take -- that is, how creative you can be with it -- depends on the creative freedom the format of your text requires. A formal essay requires a particular kind of title, while a poem or short story can handle more imaginative titles.

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People say to avoid the three D's partly because they're difficult subjects to write about well--it's too easy to attempt to rely on cliches and highly dramatic language. If your essay moved your English teacher, that's a good sign that you've gotten beyond those pitfalls. How you write is more important than what you write about. To be sure the essay is working well, I would suggest showing it to at least one other adult who can give you impartial advice to confirm that it's not just her. Also, if you're still revising, make sure you're being as honest and specific as you can. You may even want to seek out other well-written essays about death to get some ideas about how to write about it successfully.

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A creative title, on the other hand, grabs a reader's attention while hinting at what's to come. While expository papers should be objective, fact-finding and free of bias, persuasive papers use the writer's bias to convince readers that the writer's opinion is correct. And you can use these titles for essay about death, How God's Call Changes Our Lives, How Death Changed the Way I Live, An Untimely Death, Murder Is Not That Bad, and Death Is Gate of Freedom.I Hope this help for your assignment.