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The 1960’s was an especially tumultuous period in U.S. history, one in which today’s students only read about in textbooks. The major stimulus for that unrest was the controversy over the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. If you are currently in a history class that is covering that period, chances are you will be assigned a Vietnam War essay. Within that large content area, there will be a number of topics for essays on the Vietnam War and you should choose one that will be of interest to you. And resign yourself to conducting some research, because you cannot possibly write an informed and scholarly essay on the Vietnam War without it.

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Since issues such as the morality of the draft and the proper use of American armed forces are still with us, I'm sharing my essay on the Vietnam War here. It begins with French Indochina rather than the historic background of Vietnam because the textbook I was paid to write dealt only with the 20th century.

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essay on the vietnam war

I was quite young when the last combat troops pulled out of Vietnam in March 1973: all I remembered about the war was the shouting and the horrific images that appeared nightly on the TV news. It was only a couple years ago, after researching and writing a 2,000-word essay on the Vietnam War for a high-school textbook, that I felt I finally understood the context and the issues. (Short version: I have enormous respect for the American military, but it should not have been sent to Vietnam.)