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Any essay on symbols or symbolism needs to begin with a of what the author means by "." This word, symbol, has been used to mean any thing from a simple mark to complex and arcane images through convoluted stories, and even to philosophic arguments. Unfortunately, most tomes claiming to discuss or collect symbols try to ingore this ambiguity, making any effort to categorize books and other sources a highly subjective, not to mention tremendously intricate task, if not an impossible one. Further, there are all the similar and related terms: symbolize, symbolism, symbolic, signs, signals, significance, myths, mythology, images, and so forth. ( )

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. In Lord of the Flies written by William Golding the use of symbolism is ever present. At a first glance many may not think much of the symbols; however with some in-depth thought you can see that they reflect the various situations on this microcosm of an island. As time on the island continues, the symbols change with it, and what they mean also is represented by this change. The pigs, the conch and Peggy’s specs are all Symbolic of the destruction and savagery that grows on the island.