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Bilingualism is the ability to speak two languages. Bilingual Education is being taught school subjects in two different languages. The United States is home to millions of immigrants each with their own native backgrounds. The United States require the immigrants to learn the full English languages when settling into the country. The schools should give the opportunity to bilingual students, or new student immigrants the advantage to learn the English language or to be taught in two different languages. This would give the students the advantage in learning two different languages that will help them in the future. They should be able to learn their own native language and speak it in private but also in public, however, they should also be taught the English language whether when entering the country, school, or private tutoring. Bilingual Education should not be forced by the government; it should be their own free chose. As the immigrants become more fluent in the English language they will have a better chance getting jobs, communication, and helping their own children learn the English language. The United States should not focus only on English Only Movement they should offer the opportunity of Bilingual Education for its citizens, but also keeping English as one of the main languages in the country.
First, the United States needs not to focus on making English the only language but work more on helping the new immigrants learn the English language. The United States needs to do more to prevent the problem of immigrants in the United States having trouble getting jobs or keeping up in the classroom because they are not fluent in English. If the immigrants were taught the full English language coming into the country it will help the children in the classroom learn easier by keeping up with the teacher and also give the parents the advantage to communicate with their childrens teachers. The immigrants have a...

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