LEEWS (Law Essay Exam Writing System) changes the game

We are proud to offer the LEEWS: Legal Essay Exam Writing System Audio Program, which includes eight audio CDs, each approximately 70 minutes in length, the LEEWS Primer text, a quick reference bookmark, and a set of 30 diagrams corresponding to illustrations placed on a blackboard or flipchart during the live LEEWS program. Even in the final days before an exam LEEWS can make a significant difference.

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The Essay Exam Writing Workshop addresses the need for practicing essay exam writing and focuses on common mistakes. “Essay exam writing is a skill that requires practice,” Professor Cooper says. “Students often underestimate the importance of practice and mistakenly over-rely on memorization alone.”

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Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam by Mary Basick; Tina Schindler

“We recommend ... preparing for law school with the Law Essay Exam Writing System ('LEEWS')--in addition to lots of hard work and lots of practice exams.”
– THE ART OF THE LAW SCHOOL TRANSFER, A Guide to Transferring Law Schools (2010), p. 8 (In the context, “... what should you do to get the great grades you are going to need to transfer?”)