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As Figures 2 and 3 demonstrate, traditional history has dominated the essay portion of the AP test over the past 30 years. Political, military, and diplomatic issues on presidential administrations, legislation, treaties, court decisions, and wars represented 55.3 percent (119/215) of the essay choices.

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Many people believe that sexual orientation is not inherited. It is just a choice people make. Give more arguments in your choice essay to prove that sexual orientation is an individual decision. Viewpoints of experts in the field of Genetics will also serve as strong evidences that you can present in essays on choice.

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Hard Choices and Initiations into adulthood are both essay written about the same three topic. When writing an essay there suppose to a beginning, middle, and end. Mostly known as the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Both story had a great outline of how a good essay is suppose to be layed out, but I believe Hard Choices is the better essay choices. All essay have room for improvement, that is why I am showing you all the good and bad in hard choices, the good and bad in initiations in adulthood, and why I think Hard Choices is the better essay choice.