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The Essay Archives were established in 2006 to give readers the opportunity to view other essays which have appeared on the website since its inception. This year's works also will be moved into this section after they have appeared in the "This Month's Essay" space. Please click on a link below to reach the item you would like to read. Also, Most of the essays have been "interactive" in the sense that a person can click back and forth between links embedded in the essay and the essay itself. The links were valid at the time the articles were written. Links for all essays were updated in 2008 and will be updated again as soon as time permits. Some links are no longer available. Where possible, substitutions have been noted for links which are no longer in existence.

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2012 Series: "Animal Magnetism." The 2012 Theme is "Animal Magnetism." Essays will be moved here to the Archives following the month in which they appear on the "This Month's Essay" page. The essays of the two-part Algal Biofuels series can now be found in the Essay Archives.

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