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Thomas Clarkson (1760-1846), whose prize winning essay against slavery in 1786 was a prelude to 50 years service in the cause of abolition throughout the world. Together with William Wilberforce and Granville Sharp he founded the British Anti-Slavery Society in 1787 and he saw the passing of British Anti-Slavery laws in 1807 and the abolition of slavery in British Colonies in 1833.

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In 1754 the Society of Friends began to take a clear stance on the issue of slavery. The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting approved the publication of John Woolman's essay against slavery . Woolman's essay protests slavery on religious grounds. Later in the same year Philadelphia Yearly Meeting wrote AN EPISTLE of Caution and Advice, to the Quarterly Meetings urging against the buying and keeping of slaves.

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His speech to graduates recalled the British abolitionist Clarkson (1760-1845), who at Cambridge wrote a prize-winning essay against slavery, and subsequently was inspired to devote his life to the anti-slavery cause, following a St. Paul-like epiphany while on the road to London to take up a career as an Anglican clergyman.