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In Richard Rodriguez's essay The Achievement of Desire, Rodriguez explains the complexities of trying to harmonize a life between academics and family: more specifically a family which belongs to the middle class. Growing up, Rodriguez was not the average student; he would fully immerse himself in books as opposed to spending time with his family At first, Rodriguez's attitude towards education made him standout amongst his peers. However, with this extreme dedication to education Rodriguez pays a steep price. He essentially loses the relationships that a boy of his age should have among friends and family. After coming to the realization that he is much like the "scholarship boy  described in a book by Richard Hoggart, Rodriguez narrates the struggles he endured which ultimately developed him into the person he is today. In my own unique way, I connected to certain elements described in The Achievement of Desire and shared with him the traits of the so called "scholarship boy .
Before delving into my educational journey let me set the scene I grew up in. I come from a middle class family in which my parents have limited education. My parents are dumb by no means; however, with limited education follows limited job opportunity. Neither decided to pursue college, but rather joined the workforce immediately. (I've never asked whether they were content with that situation.) My mother now works as a city auditor and my father a self-employed mechanic for 15+ years until he took a slightly better job somewhere else. We as a family never struggled severely, but instead had just enough to get by at the end of the month. While growing up I knew it would be dangerous to follow in my parents footsteps. It wasn't that I didn't admire them; however, I knew I couldn't model my education after theirs simply because from a young age I didn't want to end up living the rest of my life in my small hometown.
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Professor Dan Westover congratulates 2010 Essay Achievement Award winners Jennifer Daniel, Kim Steger, and Mark Michaelson.

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