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The modern reading reflects on essence/construction. The pseudo-Demosthenic Erotic Essay offers insight into pederasty as an approved practice with certain problem areas. (You may want to reread Foucault!) Readings on the PDF offer insight into the problematics of pleasure and gender.

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Last Friday 16th of May the magazine “Què Fem?” used a draw from our gallery for its article about #elpaperdelart. This draw is an erotic essay made by an anonymous author of the Catalan School from the 20′s or 30′s of the XXth century.

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Erotic Essay By Demosthenes Translated by Vince/DeWitt/Murray

The hazards of these attachments were reluctantly accepted as facts but never entirely condoned by thoughtful and responsible citizens. Hopeful thinkers essayed to plead for love as an instrument of moral and intellectual uplift. The topic was so entrenched in the popular interest that even Plato discussed it, the being especially illuminating. A series of speeches on the theme is contained in the A similar work by Xenophon bears this title. In the of Plato are found three speeches on love, the first of these being represented as the composition of the orator Lysias. Even Plutarch, later by almost five centuries, produced an erotic essay, which seems modern by comparison.