Digital Photo Essay - Breaching Experiments

Youth artist Moie reflects on her production process to create “With the Bomber or with the Bombed?” a digital photo essay, which was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and talks about the people who contributed to her piece.

PowerPoint presentation or scrapbook of the digital photography essay.

This digital photo essay is dedicated to the people of St. Kitts in hopes that in some way it might contribute to protecting the integrity of the heritage of St. Kitts and respecting the dignity of those who have inherited it.

Civil Rights Digital Photo Essay

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The Interplay of Text and Image
This course will explore new media writing for websites, blogs, podcasts, digital photo essays, and social networking. More specifically, we will be concerned with the visual as it relates to language: how text and image interact to create meaning, establish voice and tone, and elicit interactive responses from the reader/viewer. In addition to performing critical analysis of existing new media forms, students will produce examples of these forms. Our projects will include an interactive website, a podcast, a digital photo essay, and a social networking experiment. Each student will also co-author an academic blog where s/he discusses course readings, explores ideas about the interaction of text and image, analyzes examples of the new media forms we are studying, and examines his/her own production of new media writing.Contest participants must choose one Article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and create a 60 - 90 second Public Service Announcement (PSA). We are looking for student submissions that creatively teach others about a human rights issue. The format is open to documentary, stop motion, narrative, digital photo essay or other innovative explorations that involve film making components.