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So many people deserve to be described in your essay. This is why we suppose writing descriptive essays about people or an essay on why people do something will be quite an easy and rather exciting assignment to complete.

Most probably, your teacher will let you to choose any person for your descriptive essay on people. It makes your task even easier and more exciting.

However, it seems like you do not understand how a successful descriptive essay about people should be done. Then, our explanations are just what you need.

Descriptive essays about people: how to start

Introduce a person you are going to describe. Explain in your descriptive essay on people why you want to talk about this particular person. Give some general facts about him/her.

Descriptive essays about people: how to compose the main body

Some students might think that descriptive essays on people should include only descriptions of someone’s appearance and discussions of personal traits.

Although this information will be important for a good descriptive essay about people, you will have to include some other significant details.

Can you describe some of them right now

Look around. How many people can you see? Can you describe some of them right now? What will you pay attention to first of all? Will you notice some peculiarities that make every person unique?

If you want to learn describing people, a descriptive essay on people is the right task for you. Still, you need to know several secrets to produce an amazing descriptive essay on people. They are presented in this article.

Something you should avoid when writing descriptive essays about people.

How do you usually describe someone? “He is a tall guy, with blue eyes, red hair, and a big nose”. If you are used to such construction, you will never get an A+ on your descriptive essay about people.

You need much more details, similes, epithets to describe someone perfectly. “Although he is tall and has a bit bulbous nose, his dark blue eyes and a charming smile can make you fall in love with him at once”. It seems to be somewhat better for descriptive essays on people.

Specific issues to discuss in descriptive essays on people

Like any other essay, your descriptive essay on people should be devoted to a certain topic. So, what issues can be considered in descriptive essays on people?

Describe a friend or any other person you know.

Describe strangers: their faces (happy or gloomy), their general appearance.

Write a bit philosophical essay on why people might change their appearance. People change their appearance almost every day. We wear make-up, change hairstyle and color. What for? Consider this issue in the descriptive essay on people.
We are sure that this kind of work will help you notice more in people around you.
You can also try to describe some famous people. So, do it if you are assigned to write an essay on Toni Morrison or essays on Thomas Hardy.

What will you pay attention to first of all

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