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I knew very little about this film when I went into it except that itwas inspired in some way by a David Sedaris essay. It surpassed myexpectations in a beautiful and lasting way. It's extraordinarily funny- often in surprising ways. Like Sedaris' writing, things just happen,and it's the protagonist's reactions that allow the audience to enterthis world of poignant meaninglessness. The characters and situationscan be so absurd at times that you wonder what kind of world this is,how realistic or how exaggerated or how cinematic - but then yourealize that life can really be like that... Groff does a stellar jobplaying with an open-minded and humorous pretentiousness. But what Ithought was most impressive was Kyle Patrick Alvarez's subtly-brillianttreatment of both sexuality and religion, both of which are suchmatter-of-fact gray areas in the film that they leave the viewerwondering without ever asking him to. Great film - definitely catch itwhen it comes out.

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