Literary & Critical Analysis Essays: Grading Rubric

An outline for a critical analysis essay is important to maintain your direction throughout the paper and organize your data. Often when you are analyzing some work, you have to use many sources and take notes about them. It may create a lot of mess if you were to take all the raw data available and write a paper from it. You would not be able to figure out which data you were to keep or eliminate. This is why the practice of having outlines for essays and other academic assignments is common.

Checklist for Literary & Critical Analysis Essay

Finding an example essay such as a critical analysis may be found through related help sites for academic writing. There are a few sites that offer writing advice for students on how to write an essay. The same is true for an analysis essay or similar type of assignment with sources that provide examples. You can get the help you need when you know where to look for the right example. Here are some tips on how to find a good example of a critical analysis essay.

Please use this checklist when drafting your critical analysis essay!


You may be lucky enough to find a Critical Analysis Essay that covers the areas of interest that you may want to write about. It is actually very useful to find an example that may be of a similar interest as you will be able to make some comparisons of how you will treat your own topic. (Be very wary of trying to pass this work off as your own as it will not pass a plagiarism check and your work will be dismissed).