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Those refugees may well come from the former Yugoslavia, where day by day History's bloody mouth opens ever wider. Indeed, the Third Balkan War provides the backdrop to much of Simic's recent poetry and prose. And no wonder. What could be worse for the man who has done more to bring Serbian poets to the attention of the English-speaking world than to witness the carnage his former countrymen have committed in Croatia and Bosnia? In a courageous essay first published in The New Republic and included in "The Unemployed Fortune-Teller" he makes plain his feelings about Serbia's war machine--and his former countrymen, his tribesmen. "The destruction of Vukovar and Sarajevo," he writes, "will not be forgiven the Serbs."

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To Kill a Mockingbird Courage Essay In our society, many people believe that courage is shown solely through physical acts of peril. ... Dubose is a sheer example of courage that doesn't require physical, but mental courage. Boo Radley shows courage much courage also. ... Boo Radley truly shows courage in this novel. ... True courage does not have to be a physical, in fact, true courage is usually mentally. ...

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