Here are 10 controversial essay topics for your purview –

Controversial essay topics are “hot” topics. These topics are discussed often and raise heated debates from everyone concerned. Controversial topics cannot be boring and cannot be old. Therefore, students need to ensure that the topics they select for their essays are current and up to date. Controversial topics should bring out passion in people. Most topics such as religion, race, cultures and the concerns of the world bring out diverse feelings and opinions in others. These opinions require much debate and discussion. Your topic should do the same. Before you select your topics, ask yourself if you are passionate about it and if you think others will be too. This is the main element of selecting a controversial topic. If you are not interested in the topic how can you make someone else interested in it?

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On the other hand controversial essay topics also mean that you and your peers will have strong feelings, perspectives and opinions on the topic area and lots of content for you to include in your essay. These opinions might be formed by personal experience, historical facts or from societal trends. It is your job to challenge those perceptions and question the norms and opinions that most might take for granted - it's a great way to get motivated and excited about an essay! Also your findings at the end might surprise you and challenge your own opinions towards an issue.

Subject Interests of Controversial Essay Topic

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Another benefit of choosing a controversial essay topic is that you will have to literally load the paper up with research in order to display the different opinions and arguments surrounding the controversial topic. Therefore, it is easy to fill the pages of the essay with plenty of quotes, paraphrases, snippets of quotes, and even surveys if you have to.