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This is extremely important to understand as you review college essay samples. The simple truth is that the vast majority of excellent admissions essays are never featured in a book or on a website. In fact, they may only ever be read by three or four people: the author, maybe a friend or editor, and an admissions officer or two. In fact, because many of the best college application essays are so intensely personal, they’re not meant to be read by a broad audience.

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Looking at a college essay sample can also get you thinking and cure your writer’s block. It can give you a great idea for a subject for your own essays long into the future. With a good essay sample, you can come up with a unique, interesting essay that can even help you get into college or get you a scholarship.

College Admissions Essay Samples

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Finally, there are entire sites devoted to this endeavor. Type in "free college essay samples" into your Google toolbar, and you're bound to get back a world of different results. Just be sure to visit review sites to see which samples and examples have been successful and aced the admissions test and which have flunked and are thus not worth your time.