Blogging Is the New Persuasive Essay

[…] If you are a blogger or want to be a blogger, you should follow Weblog Tools Collection blog. So do I, and I jumped at an opportunity to participate in the blogging essay contest. My entry is about what blogging makes me do, it makes me think! In my opinion everyone should try it, which is what I end my essay with. […]

[…] Weblog Tools Collection announces a blogging essay competition. […]

[…] Since there have been only six entries in the Blogging Essay Competition and I have received numerous requests to extend the competition due to the holidays (my MBA professors are being extremely kind as well), the Essay Competition deadline will be extended. […]

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[…] This post is longer than my usual offerings because it’s my entry into the WLTC blogging essay competition. […]

[…] I just found a little competition courtesy of Blog News Watch that some writers may be interested in. Kamrul’s post on the blogging essay competition is right there, and a link directly to the site is here. […]