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If you are applying to the UC Berkeley MBA full-time program, the admissions team at Admit1MBA is here to make your life easier. Read our analysis of the Berkeley MBA application essays to help you get started.

UC Berkeley Haas MBA Essay Questions - Analysis & Tips

Analysis: The Berkeley MBA essay is specifying that you should talk about an experience from the last three years. has the same limitation, hoping to read your reflections on a recent experience; they don´t want to hear stories about your college experience or growing up. Find a substantial story and don´t avoid talking about your own mistakes – that´s what going to make your story interesting and real. If you never make mistakes, it means that you are not taking enough risks (and probably not learning as much as you could and should).

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Berkeley Haas MBA Essay Questions Overview.

Analysis: This Berkeley MBA essay question is a tried-and-true staple of many other MBA applications in the last few years, including Harvard and Wharton. When you start writing this story, think about the underlying agenda in this question: the team at UC Berkeley MBA programs wants not only to hear about your significant accomplishment, but also to understand WHY you view it as such. Make sure to talk about your actions, decision making, and emotions.