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Timed Writings: The AP Exam will require that you complete 3 timed essays. To prepare for that exam, and to sharpen your analytical skills, you will take 2 or 3 timed essays each quarter. You will be given 40 minutes to complete each essay in class. You must write your essay on notebook paper with a pen. I will score and comment on your essay with the 9-point AP essay rubric and return it to you within 1 week. On the day that I return your essays, we will read sample essays earning a range of scores and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. You will discuss the sample essays and your own essay in small groups and provide constructive criticism to your classmates. I will visit each group to provide feedback on your essays. I will also be available after school for individual writing conferences. You may revise your essay for a new grade within 1 week. Revision grades may only improve your score; if a revised essay does not improve it will be marked NC (no change).

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